Standard Oil


Collecting memorabilia is a very popular hobby among both the young and old. People long for the days when life was more simple, and gathering items from the “days of yore” helps to bring those days to life. One popular category among collectors is old gas signs and vintage gas pumps, from the days when filling up at a gas station didn't cost an arm and a leg.

Standard Oil may be one of the United States oldest gas and oil companies. Founded in 1870, it was one of the world's largest and first conglomerates. Because it was labeled a “monopoly” by the U.S. Justice department, they sued the company in 1911 and ordered that they be broken up into 34 different companies. 

Using these old gas signs and other gas and oil related antiques as a form of decorating seems to be quite popular today.  Some very popular restaurant chains within the United States use old gas signs and even vintage gas pumps as a way to decorate and add a theme to their restaurant.  They make great decorations because many of them contain bright colors and being made of tin, they are durable.  It's even quite interesting to look back and see what some of the company slogans were from these much simpler times.  Some of them would be quite awkward if displayed at a local gas station these days!

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