Gas and Oil Company Collectibles
It seems that as the world gets more complicated we increasingly long for the simpler times of the "Good Ole Days". Some of us remember when a Gas Station was called a Service Station because you could actually expect service when you drove into the station.
A person (usually a young man) would promptly appear at your car window and you would tell him how much gas you'd like. He would put the nozzle in the tank,clean you windshield, check your oil, and your tire pressure if you asked. But that was back when fill 'er up meant you might have to fork over $10.
Yes those really were the good ole days. It's no wonder that Gas and Oil memorabilia from this time period is so collectible. Today the Service station collectibles like gas signs, gas pumps, and even the uniforn patches are not only collected but are displayed as home decorations.
As the demand for these items continue to increase so does the price that they command. So if you see something you want buy it today or you'll regret the price you may have to pay down the road.



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